The Mwila Mother


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 About this painting:

Completion time: 3 months

Like water nurturing a plant, this Mwila mother embraces her young daughter. Her love is abundant, never fading, and filled with gratitude.

Mwila or Mumuhuila people are a cluster of a semi-nomadic ethnic group living in southern Angola, in the area of Huila. Mwila people actually belong to the larger Nyaneka-Khumbi (Nhaneka-Humbe) amalgamated ethnic inhabiting the Haumpata Plateau and along the headwaters of Rio Caculovar in South Western Angola in Huila Planato or Huila Province, the province that takes it name from the people. (Atlas of Humanity)

Printed on high quality, artist-grade stock and folded around a lightweight frame to give them a gorgeous, gallery-ready appearance. With acid-free ink that will last without fading or chipping, Features a scratch-resistant UV coating. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth or to remove dust, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment.

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